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For your consideration

Scroll down to see what productions First Frame have done since 2003. Everything is not listed, but these are the most important. The titles underlined, are clickable, so go check them out!

Pricing for video productions

Daily rate 550€ + 24% tax + technical equipment. (Price depending on the job.)

Pricing for photography

Hourly rate 95€ + 24% tax + technical equipment. (Price depending on the job.)

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CEO, cameraman & editor

I tend to follow my vision, then the end result will be great! The journey might be long and hard, but it pays in the end, always. I am easy to work with and the more challenging the project, the better! I love a creative challenge.

Here are productions that I have made or been a big part in. The ones that are underlined can be watched, so click away, but please come back!


Döda fåglar flyger sämst YLE5, 2015 (dir, writer, cam, edit, postprod.)

YoBaNa! EU, 2012 (dir, cam, edit, postprod.)

Utmanaren YLE5, 2012 (dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

När vägen blir väglös YLE5, 2012 (co-director, dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Slutfiskat? YLE5, 2012 (dir, writer, dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Tro, hopp och mirakel YLE5, 2011 (post producer, edit, postprod.)

Reinholds spelmän YLE5, 2008 (co-director, dop, cam, postprod.)

Blaskan YLE5, 2007 (dir, writer, dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Rädda oss YLE5, 2007( dir, writer, dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Vrakfeber YLE5, 2005 (dir, writer, dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Runristaren YLE5, 2004 (dir, writer, dop, cam, postprod.)

Hemingway utan text YLE5, 2004 (dir, writer, dop, cam, edit, postprod.)



Vad gör bonden? YLE5, 2016 (dop, cam, edit, grafics, postprod.)

Detta om detta ,YLE5, 2014. 2017-2021 (multi-cam, edit, postprod.)

Vrakfeber, YLE5, 2009, 2011 (writer, dir, dop, cam, underwater cam, edit, postprod.)

Gamla Onsdag, YLE5, 2012–2013 (MultiCam)

Lilla onsdag, YLE5 2010–2011 (MultiCam) Venla-nominated.

Ögonaböj, 2005–2006 (multi-cam, edit, grafics, postprod.) Venla-winner.

Pyöräilykunnat, YLE1, 2007 (dop, cam, edit, grafics, postprod.)

Pyöräillään, YLE1, 2007 (dop, cam, edit, grafics, postprod.)

RåFilm & RåDok, YLE5, 2004–2012 (multicam, edit, grafics, postprod.)




Skärikvinnor och nymodigheter, 2022 (dir, dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Drömdoktorn för, 2022, (co-director, dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Fondita goes Sverige, (videos and stills) 2021 (co-director, dop, cam, edit, postprod.) 

Fiskprodukter från skärgården idag och i framtiden, 2021 (dop, cam, edit, postprod.) 

Folkofolkki, 2020, (dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Fiskare och fisken, 2020, (dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Skärgårdshistoria med många sinnen, 2019, (dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Stjärnorna på knipan, 2018, (cam, dop)

Levande historia i Skärgårdsmuseer, 2017, (cam, dop, edit, postprod.)

Päls YLE5, 2015 (dop, cam, edit, postprod.)

Jordklotet, lyckan och jag,  Åbo Akademi 2014 (cam, edit, postprod.)

Das Champagne Wrack in dem Ostsee, ZDF, 2012 (cam, dop, Åland islands segment)

Undra! En vetenskapsafton, Åbo Akademi & Åbo Underrättelser, 2012–2015 (MultiCam, edit, postprod.)

New Scandinavian Cooking, Tellus Works, 2011. (b-cam, edit)

Täydellinen päivä Saran keittiössä, MTV3, 2009 (cam)


Ren kärlek, SeglarJerrysÅnger, 2020 (director, cam, DOP, edit, postprod.)

Ditt hjärta brister, SeglarJerrysÅnger, 2020 (director, edit, postprod.)

So others can live, Cold Case, 2019 (director, cam, DOP, edit, postprod.)

RebelsPointless 80, 2015 (co-director, cam, DOP, edit, postprod.)

Vaiennut harmoni, Folkrörelsen, 2014 (director, cam, DOP, edit, postprod.)

Miss Lonelyhearts, Robin Pahlman, 2014 (co-director, cam, DOP, edit, postprod.)

Släpp in publiken, Folkrörelsen, 2013 (director, cam, DOP, edit, postprod.)


Narcissos, fiktion 23 min YLE5, 2006 (tec.dir, DOP, cam, edit, postprod)

U-102, 29 min YLE5 (orginalversion 52 min), 2002 (tec.dir, DOP, cam, edit, postprod)


Fondita still_edited
Levande historia_edited
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